Geodesic domes are efficient structures in several ways. Building geodesic domes with connectors is not an innovation in geodesic dome manufactory.

There are various materials in the market such as wood, PVC or steel frames covered with a thin architectural membrane and other materials that can be used as connectors for pre-fabricated and DIY kits.

However, most of these materials are not strong enough while some of them are simply not for assembling and/or not built for reassembling. The important question now is: Is it advisable to buy a dome which lasts for many years and will not crash in the middle of winter from snow loading or strong wind? The answer is yes.

Dome4Life is very proud to present GEO-HUBs which we know, are strong enough for the Canadian climate. GEO-HUB is a revolution element that brings a lot of benefits to a geodesic dome structure. GEO-HUB is a joint used to connect beams in geodesic dome frame “Smart Frame”.

All vectors of mass and gravity of geodesic dome “Smart frame” are naturally, equivalently platted, and directed to GEO-HUB’s centers for distribution of the structural stress.

Also, the ball joints structure of GEO-HUB allows construction to withstand any forces which potentially can deform the beams and weaken the frame. This is an advantage over other types of geodesic domes.  It is portable, easy to assemble, very strong and very light.

Another feature of GEO-HUB is its provision of necessary mobility and resistance to the deformations caused by changes in temperature or extreme weather conditions and this protects the structure during snow loading or wind.

All GEO-HUB parts are made from 304L stainless steel and have the same expansion coefficient. GEO-HUB provides a longer lifetime, easy and fast assembling procedures with no tension in all weather temperatures.

GEO-HUB allows to build geodesic domes, from 5 meters to positive unlimited diameters, by icosahedron geometry and to use square or round tube materials for beams. This capability makes it universal. The structural efficiency of GEO-HUB means that it requires less material than conventional buildings.

For a DIY project, you can purchase a GEO-HUB kit or a prefabricated “Smart frame” which includes GEO-HUBs and struts, which are made from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, and these prefabricated “Smart frames” make construction very fast. There is a lifetime warranty offer for our “Smart frame”.