Is a Geodesic Dome much better than a Yurt?

Several claims have been mentioned that a geodesic dome is the only building left standing after a hurricane. Can’t believe it and still would rather buy a Yurt rather than a geodesic dome? Read on further and it will make you think otherwise.
What we aim for in this article is to provide you with further information about geodesic domes that will help you decide if they are really better than any similar shelter available. We are confident about the structural integrity of our geodesic domes, and we want to ensure you will be fully informed to believe so as well.

As a start, geodesic homes recently have gained popularity on a worldwide scale on specific markets due to its portability, sustainability, and cheaper building costs. It is also noted that these domes solve quite a number of ecologic and economic challenges on the traditional building methods and materials. They are suitable on all terrains, easily deployable and can be erected in hours by way of simple hand ratchets. Its spacious dome can offer a wide range of interior design opportunities which makes it a fun shelter to work with. So now, going back to proving why a geodesic dome is way better than any other such as a yurt, here are some of the key comparisons:

1. Characteristics of Yurts

a. Possible to collapse under a heavy amount of snow
b. To sustain against winds, it needs additional bracing and tethering
c. Its structural material is mainly made of wood, canvas, and vinyl

2. Characteristics of geodesic domes

a. Easily withstands arctic conditions even with heavy snow
b. Withstands strong winds caused by natural disasters such as a hurricane.
c. Its structural material is made of galvanized steel or aluminum and UV/mildew resistant vinyl

Furthermore, these geodesic domes are energy efficient as well. Its efficiency to almost all types of climates has been proven by the fact that it is withstanding them with a lot of geodesic domes built all over the world in which they are of varying climates all throughout the year. Its surface area requires lesser materials for building and because of this, its direct exposure to the cold or heat is significantly decreased as well. Its concave interior creates natural airflow thereby providing better heating and cooling efficiency inside. There are far more advantages a geodesic home can have but we should stop right here because we feel you are convinced enough that it is the perfect shelter for you to buy.
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