People nowadays are so immersed to the technology but still are driven to camp out to get on a vacation to unwind and bond with the family. In this manner, campsites are still one of the most popular vacation spots. Its owners are now trying to diversify its income source on their campsites – and that is by adding mod cons and even luxury tents (better known as glamping). If you are a campsite owner, you should look into glamping seriously as soon as possible. Here’s why.

Since you already have the site that is actually used for camping, you should consider putting in more diversified options to capture a larger market. There may be some customers who would prefer a little more comfort and luxury when camping out, thus it would be best to extend their options by offering luxury tents. This way, you will have the opportunity to open your campsite to a larger market because we all know for a fact that not all customers would like to rest into rough canvasses and would still prefer to have comfort while doing camping.

By doing glamping, you can be in a better revenue position because of the following:

  • Keeping up with the competition – in this industry (or any other for that matter), there will always be competition and it does not stop. In order to stand out, offering diverse options to customers is key, and getting into glamping would be a nice move.
  • Better occupancy rate – it is reported that luxury tents tend to have 70% higher occupancy rate when compared to the usual camping tents. Getting into that 70% higher customer engagements would really be a wise move to do so.
  • New venue for profits. Adding another option into your offerings would mean you are opening your campsite to other markets and this will directly mean that you’ll have another venue to earn more profits.
  • Lower risk. You are not essentially diving into another business but rather diversifying your offerings thus the low risk for your additional investment.
  • Higher customer satisfaction rating. Seeing customers enjoying their stay into your campsites due to this additional camping luxury and comfort is definitely a must-have.

There are a lot more benefits that can be mentioned in glamping. If you aren’t convinced enough, let’s talk about it more and how our geodesic domes will satisfy your glamping needs.