Eye-catching and elegant, brought to life by Walter Bauersfield in 1922, made famous by Buckminster Fuller in the US in 1950. This is the Geodesic Dome!

Put simply; Geodesic domes are spherical or sphere-like structures built by arranging triangles, hexagons or other polyhedrons across the surface of the sphere.

Ours is a thing of beauty wherever it stands. Let the snow bath it; it will steal the show at events, or be the statement at your resort; these Geodesic Domes are made to please the senses, your senses.

The accolades are not misplaced; Geodesic domes have so many benefits, at least we are sure of those from Dome4Life.
Below we look at some of the benefits of a Geodesic dome.


Inspired to take whatever that is thrown at it, our Geodesic dome is extremely strong!

You don’t believe me?

See this:
The American Institute of Architects describes it as “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” To put it into perspective, the geodesic dome is two times stronger than your house or any other structure, including the parliament building too.

Here is why
Its aerodynamic design enables it to have the most substantial weight to volume ratio amongst all rectilinear structure man ever built.
Here is the kicker, the strength of a geodesic dome increases with size. 

Easy to build

Know this:

So you see the value here?
Unlike a conventional building that gulps enormous amount of investments and time in addition to being inherently complicated to build.

The geodesic dome is the new cheap.

How can that be?

These factors make a geodesic a cheaper alternative than conventional rectilinear buildings.

Resistant to Natural Disaster

It is true

And yes we mean earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. These are all natural disasters, and the Dome4Life geodesic domes are built to shame them.

For these reasons, a geodesic dome is an excellent alternative for those living in disaster-prone areas.

Eco Friendly


The components of the geodesic dome are made from recyclable material. This approach solves two problems here- waste management and conservation.

Wood is not used in manufacturing any of its components, sparing many trees.

Do you know air-conditioners are rarely required in a geodesic dome? Dome4Life manufactures domes with good internal air exchange.
Clean, renewable energy generation- Place an arc of solar panel or more across the surface of the dome to generate solar energy