About Us

Our Mission


Dome4Life offers a superior product unlike anything seen in Canada.  Dome4Life are high quality, engineered, Eco-Domes designed for varied climates to provide a secure shelter for your next camping experience, social or corporate event and wildlife excursion.  Our superior lightweight structures can take a surprising amount of stress and provide excellent protection from storms, heavy snow and wind more so than a traditional tent or awning.  We want to provide an eco-friendly product that can last for a long time and be 100% recyclable after it’s lifespan with minimal impact on the environment.  This is our passion; we want to change the way you experience your outdoor experiences and bring a once in a lifetime moment when viewing nature in a whole new experience.  We are Dome4Life.

Company Founders Biography:

Robert Shapiro graduated from Rodman Technological College in Israel where he was awarded a degree in Practical Mechanical Engineer.  For the last 18 years, Robert became an expert in the programming of turn-mill CNC machining centers.

Robert’s experience in engineering, programming, deep knowledge of metal-working manufacturing and his experience of innovations in the industry, allowed him to develop the concept of Smart frame for geodesic dome structures. He created a unique and revolutionary design base on knowledge of existing classic domes.

Robert Shapiro also invented special Geo-Hubs in order to make assembling easier and reduce stress from the frame.  The hubs are required for assembling struts during the erection of a geodesic framework, and more particularly to a hub with rounded receptacles for establishing ball and socket connections with ball-tipped struts.

In 2012 when a fire in northwest Alberta pushed the government to evacuate local residents, Robert started thinking of the need for emergency shelter which can be assembled in a short amount of time and with minimal labour.  After a tremendous amount of research, he fell in love with a geodesic dome structure. This sustainable, lightweight shelter can be assembled with minimal manpower, in a very short period of time and collapsed when not in use.

The research proved that Geodesic Domes are indispensable to Canada. Robert strongly believes that this product is a new, futuristic, and eco-friendly way of camping, housing, farming and life in general. Covering most of the temporary and permanent shelter needs like a greenhouse, aqua or geoponic, emergency or event shelter and 1 or 4 season cabins, geodesic dome structures can become very popular in Canada and around the world.