Eye-catching and elegant, brought to life by Walter Bauersfield in 1922, made famous by Buckminster Fuller in the US in 1950. This is the Geodesic Dome!

Put simply; Geodesic domes are spherical or sphere-like structures built by arranging triangles, hexagons or other polyhedrons across the surface of the sphere.

Ours is a thing of beauty wherever it stands. Let the snow bath it; it will steal the show at events, or be the statement at your resort; these Geodesic Domes are made to please the senses, your senses.

The accolades are not misplaced; Geodesic domes have so many benefits, at least we are sure of those from Dome4Life.


Make your event a statement and a topic of discussion with Dome4Life event shelters. The Dome4Life geodesic event dome is an event in itself- the coming together of quality and aesthetics. Perfect for all events, these domes will jazz up the occasion. Perfect for all events, these domes will jazz up the occasion, steal the show and start a new talk in town. The design allows for an expansive interior... READ MORE

Give Your Visitors An Unforgettable Experience

You're probably familiar with the typical options for buildings on a resort or even camp ground. Cabins. Tents. Canopies. They all have their own unique charms, but what if you could offer your visitors something truly compelling? What if you could give them an experience they will never forget. in a durable... READ MORE


Dome4life are experts in manufacturing outstanding geodesic domes, and the geodesic dome greenhouse is no different - it has been perfected to increase your greenhouse yield. With every detail considered, from support structures to the roof, this geo- dome pops out qualities that will instantly provide the ideal environment to grow your vegetables, flowers, and fruits too.... READ MORE




We’ve designed the geodesic dome greenhouse to withstand wind, inclement weather, and other biological pests.

  • High strength galvanized steel pipes for frames

  • Roof is made of double PVC-coated polyester

  • Adjustable roof- translucent or transparent to meet your requirements.



Eco-domes can be made in a variety of sizes, and with different lightings and moods. Turn your hot tub into what your visitors will think is a day spa with an elegant eco dome. Give your distance hikers a break with a prepared campground that spares them the necessity of packing a tent.

The sky is the limit with these fun and functional domes.



  • It is unique- catch designs and innovations makes sure the eye never misses it

  • It is a statement of standard- it makes your guest feel part of something special.

  • It will carry the weight of the world- built tough, crafted to last and made from the highest strength materials

  • No central beams. No support columns; the floor is all yours.